Nanni Tours ventured into Tourism in 2004 with a focus on providing high quality holidays to Kerala at

reasonable prices.We specialise in Houseboat Backwater trips in alleppey,bike rentals around kerala and

A couple on a romantic overnight jaunt or split between a group of travellers, it’s worth every rupee.

Drifting through quiet canals lined with coconut 

We have a fleet of houseboats that suits your budget and your needs, Alle our houseboats are eco friendly

and green palm certified, "see its nature without spoilig it" If you are ready to pay an extra penny than

budget options you fi

Our packages have been designed and customised to suit every budget and our locations chosen

specifically withyou, the tourist, in mind.You might want to extend your trip and add on a few extra days

to relax and unwi

Every year on the second Saturday in the month of August, the normally calm and quiet Backwaters of

the Vembanad Lake come alive when teams of over 100 people from Alleppey and the surrounding

Districts take to their ‘Snake Boa