Select destination,date and time search for availability and book your bike - instant confirmation through mail after payments. you dont have to register to book a bike , give your details on the billing information our system automatically collects your details once you have made the payment.original DRIVING LICENSE should be submitted at the time of pick up and keep a copy of the same while driving.

Foreign citizen should carry a valid orginal International license and keep a copy of the same while driving. 



Damage policy The Lessee agrees to pay for any damage to, loss of, or any theft (disappearance) of parts of bike, regardless of cause or fault. Item damaged beyond repair will be paid for at its Market Price. The representative shall check the bike and its parts in order to ascertain any damage to items. Damage shall be defined as follows: Any damage which existed prior to the handover of the Motorbike and was agreed between the lessee and lessor will not be chargeable to the Lessee. Tear in seat cover will result in charge towards replacement of seat cover. Opening up a stitched joint will not be chargeable. Any variation showing damages, if ascertained as not caused by normal wear and tear, would be charged and would have to be borne by the Lessee In case of an accident or collision, the rider members are accountable to pay a standard amount towards the accident insurance not exceeding Rs. 15,000(which may vary depending on the severity of the damage). The members are bound to pay for the repairs incurred due to damages caused by the collision/accident. Any charges exceeding Rs. 15,000 will be claimed from the insurance. The above point is not valid for bikes exceeding 200cc. In such cases the actual repair amount must be borne by the rides/user. The insurance will only be claimed if the loss is exceeding 25% of the bike value. In the event of a collision, either due to the fault of the rider himself or due to any other unavoidable instance, the costs involved in towing or confiscation of Nanni tours and travels bikes are to be borne by the members alone Inactive hours during the repair period shall be charged to the rider member at 50% of the per day rental amount

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Maintenance The customer is liable for checking engine oils during a trip and maintaining the vehicle while on road. Any mechanical failures should be reported immediately. Customers may be held responsible in case of a mechanical failure resulting due to negligence of the normal maintenance while on the trip Process to Rent Helmet Helmets need to be booked in advance. Helmets will be charged @ 50/day If the helmet is damaged or lost, a charge of Rs. 900 will be levied since these are branded helmets which will be provided to you. Only one helmet will be provided per person, any extras will be charged at Rs. 50 per 24 hours  

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We are based in Alleppey, Alleppey is one of the must see places in India recommended by National geographic. 
Alleppey is blessed with beaches, backwaters, historical temples, coir factories etc





Nanni Tours & Travels ventured into tourism in 2004 with a focus on providing high quality holidays to Kerala at reasonable prices.  We specialise in houseboats backwater tours, bike rentals, taxi service, all kerala special tour packages and a wide selections of homestays and resorts around Kerala .  And our commitment to quality, value of our clients and passion for our destinations has made us what we are today-one of the leading Tour/rental companies in the whole of kerala.  Time and again, our happy clients recommend us to family, friends and colleagues.  Today,  well over half of our clients originate from such referrals and repeat custom.